SecurEsign - Enable electronic signature to your HCL Notes applications

SecurEsign Service Offerings

SecurEsign will enable companies to use electronic signatures for:
  • Increased security and authentication reinforcement for sensitive and valuable company assets
  • Compliance needs for regulated industries - CFR 21 Part 11, HIPAA, NASD
  • Workflow sign-off
  • Paperless office document signatures
  • Database application signatures – adding, modifying, updating of records

As with Extracomm’s other products, SecurEsign is easy to install and quick to deploy in your applications. You can build electronic signatures into an application in 5 minutes!

How does SecurEsign work for the end-user of the application?

SecureEsign will prompt application users for their Notes password and ensure they re-authenticate before making any changes.

Options can be set for when the document is opened, when certain fields are changes or for every change and save.

In addition a “Reason for Change” input box will allow a user to place additional comments with the signature.

What information does SecurEsign record?

Signatures are stored in the document with all the key information displayed including who, when and even the reason for a change.

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Features, Functions and Benefits of SecurEsign

Secure Notes id based cryptographic technology (hash of
  • Notes id signature prompt
  • Proven authentication approach.
  • No two individuals will ever have the same key.
Detailed explanation comments may be included with document changes
  • “Reason for Change” field prompt with anecdotal comments that are included with signature
  • Allows signer to add any important details to the signature.
Customizable and programmed options
  • Program signing fields
  • Program re-enter password when signing
  • Program time-out period which requires user to re-enter password after a period of time
  • Decide how and when signatures should be applied to an application.
  • Add and force re-authentication for sensitive data access and changes.
Easy viewing of signature with pertinent information
  • View the signature in the document
  • See all key information including date/time, Notes id, etc
  • View who signed what, when and for what reason.
Save time and money by deploying quickly
  • Pre-designed elements that can be applied to any database
  • Apply elements quickly and have SecurEsign installed in any database in 5 minutes.
  • Send out client stub in an email or utilize standard deployment practices

SecurEsign can work independently to generate signatures and add extra authentication to critical applications. SecurEsign also complements SecurTrac. SecurTrac provides complete data auditing trails for the applications and can detect any alteration of signatures and data in an application.

Full-Featured Evaluation Version:

You may obtain a 30-day evaluation of version of SecurEsign by registering at

Pricing, Maintenance and Support:

Pricing is based on a per basis (minimum 50).

With constant changes to operating systems and new product features, all customers should consider one of our calendar year maintenance plans to ensure continual technical support and updates.