SecurTrac 2.6 for Windows/Linux NPA

New Product Announcement May 11, 2016

Extracomm is proud to announce the release of SecurTrac 2.6 for Windows/Linux. The licensed version is available at no charge to all the customers who purchased the SecurTrac Maintenance Plus plan and those customers who purchased SecurTrac after Feb 11, 2016.

1. Added replace and download attachment link function in the Mail Policy Monitor.

2. Added any field changed option in the Domino Directory Monitor.

3. Added ability to exclude database\folder in the User Activity Monitor.

4. Added a parameter to include\exclude the root data directory database in the Database Monitor.

5. Sidebar plugin now supports https protocol.

Bug fixes and updates

1. Under certain conditions the specified Log database rotation did not occur as expected. Fixed.

2. In the Mail Policy Monitor, the delete attachment function may break mime message content. Fixed.

3. Refined the reload configuration procedure to help reduce server load.

4. Fixed compatibility issues with Crossware Mail Signature product.

The SecurTrac 2.6 upgrade is available at no cost to the following customers:

* Free upgrade for customers who are on a Maintenance Plus plan.
* Free upgrade for customers who purchased SecurTrac after Feb 11, 2016.

If you have not purchased a SecurTrac Maintenance Plus plan, but wish to learn more about SecurTrac 2.6, please contact your local Extracomm Authorized Reseller or Extracomm sales at You can also contact Extracomm toll free in North America by calling 1-866-223-2656 or internationally by dialing +1 905-709-8602.

With continual changes to operating systems and new product features, we encourage customers to consider one of our yearly maintenance plans to ensure continual technical support and updates.

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SecurTrac 2.6 may be purchased from an Extracomm Authorized Reseller.

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