ExtraFax 9.5 is available for download now!

New Product Announcement - April 15, 2016

Extracomm Inc. is proud to announce the availability of ExtraFax 9.5 for IBM Notes/Domino. This new major release contains many innovative new features, essential enhancements and critical fixes as described below.

What's New in ExtraFax 9.5

New features and enhancements - This version contains the following useful new features and enhancements:

- ExtraFax now supports installations on Windows 10

- ExtraFax now supports the use of Brooktrout 6.7.3 drivers

- Capability to sign/encrypt incoming and outgoing fax/SMS jobs and their related logs

- Capability to sign/encrypt the emails of routed incoming fax/SMS jobs

- Capability to remove fax/SMS content from the outgoing job logs after processing is complete

- Audit logging

- Validate recipient phone numbers by looking up against specific text file

- Validate recipient phone numbers by looking up against specific address book database

- When opening fax/SMS job, it is now capable to display the corresponding job log rather than showing the content

- Enhanced retention and archiving functionality

- Generate scheduled and/or manually executed Sent Log reports

- Support the use of the phrase component of a RFC 822 Internet address as fax recipient name

- Support routing of received faxes to a UNC network path

- A new option in User Preferences to enforce faxing with attachment content only

- Enhanced ExtraFax Log Viewer

- ExtraFax Plugin enhancements: SSL support, options for showing/hiding Fax/SMS settings and settings for choosing cover page and delivery reports

- Enhancement for deploying the ExtraFax Plugin

- Export Inbound Routing documents to an "ExtraFax for Exchange compatible" CSV file to facilitate migration

* New fixes and updates - ExtraFax 9.5 contains several fixes and updates since ExtraFax 9.0.1:

- Avoid generating unexpected black lines to the right of outbound faxes

- Fixed potential problem in displaying the embedded first page in a Received Fax Log

- Fixed problem when assigning User Preferences to SMS jobs

- Fixed problem in DID/DTMF inbound routing if the DID/DTMF code contains a plus character

- Fixed problem when viewing the completed fax job log, if the fax job contains a FaxCoverSheet field

- Fixed a bug when generating a barcode and QR code by using Web browser

- Fixed a bug that may occur when ExtraFax tries to detach some files onto the file system

- Fixed a bug when generating footer text for a Received Fax Log

- Addressed some issues that may occur during ExtraFax Native Printing (attachment rendering) process

- Addressed some issues that may occur when sending and receiving faxes with etherFax

- Prevent an outgoing fax from remaining in the "Error" status if a fax job contains multiple recipient addresses, in which one of them is invalid

- Port status would now be set to offline properly for some conditions when Domino/ExtraFax is started up as a system service

- Eliminate the need of having to press additional buttons for enabling/disabling some scheduled agents

- Eliminate the need of having to configure the "Enable Use of Remote Ports" setting from ExtraFax Server Configuration document

- Eliminate the need of having to press an additional button to commit the changes in IVR documents

- When ExtraFax Server works with an ExtraFax Port Server, hide the efvport.exe console by default

- Setup program: fixed problem when installing Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 on Windows 8

- Setup program: incorrect default destination folder path when upgrading ExtraFax server in workstation mode

- ExtraFax Web service: fixed problem getting rich text item

- ExtraFax Web service: avoid including Sent Fax Log / Approval Log / Received Log when checking outgoing job status

- ExtraFax Web service: support a new "Pending for Approval" status for outgoing jobs

* Discontinued support of features or devices:

The following feature / software is no longer supported beginning with ExtraFax 9.0:

Unsupported Operating SystemsSuggested Replacement
Windows XP, Windows 2003 ServerWindows 7/8/10/2008/2012
Unsupported Domino VersionsSuggested Replacement
IBM Notes/Domino 7.x, 8.xIBM Notes/ Domino 8.5.x / 9.x
Unsupported FeatureSuggested Replacement
Skype SMSNone (due to the discontinuation of the Skype's Desktop API)

The following device is no longer supported beginning with ExtraFax 8.5:

Unsupported DeviceSuggested Replacement
Nokia Symbian mobiles (for MMS)Any GPRS modem, e.g. MultiTech MultiModem GPRS

The following fax boards are no longer supported beginning with ExtraFax 8.0:

Unsupported DeviceSuggested Replacement
Legacy Non-RoHS Compliant Brooktrout TruFax Analog and TR114Brooktrout TR1034
GammaLinkAny ExtraFax supported fax board, e.g. Brooktrout TR1034
DonjinAny ExtraFax supported fax board, e.g. Brooktrout TR1034

For new installation, please:

1. Follow the installation instructions mentioned in ExtraFax Installation Guide.

How to upgrade from a previous version of ExtraFax:

Please make sure you have a valid ExtraFax 9.5 license key before upgrading. License keys from any previous version are not compatible.
You can upgrade to this version if you have purchased our Maintenance Plus Plan.

Please kindly contact our Authorized Reseller or Extracomm Sales Team at sales@extracomm.com for maintenance plan pricing.

SMS/MMS port is under license (port/channel) control.
For ExtraFax Enterprise and Standard licenses, SMS/MMS port will be counted as one fax board channel.
For ExtraFax Lite and UltraLite licenses, SMS/MMS port will be counted as one fax modem port.

Upgrade Procedure:

1. Backup your existing extrafax.nsf and make note of any customizations. In advance of upgrading ExtraFax you should make sure that the design elements in your extrafax.nsf are not marked as "Prohibit design refresh or replace to modify"), otherwise the database design upgrade process may not complete properly.

2. For Brooktrout fax board users, backup the following files from Domino/Notes program directory (Brooktrout 4.9.1 or earlier version drivers), or from C:\Program Files\Brooktrout\Config directory (Brooktrout 5.2 or greater version drivers).
- bchanmap.cfg
- btcall.cfg
- btna.cfg
- callctrl.cfg
- digital.cfg
- isdn.cfg
(Skip a particular file if it does not exist)

3. For users of Brooktrout TR1034/TruFax/SR140, if you are currently using Brooktrout 4.7.1 - 6.7.2 driver, please download and reinstall with the latest Brooktrout 6.7.3 driver.

4. Run the ExtraFax setup program to start installing the latest version of ExtraFax. You can perform in-place upgrades. There is no need to un-install the previous version of ExtraFax before installing ExtraFax 9.5.

5. You will now be prompted to specify the ExtraFax license key during the ExtraFax Server installation process.

6. Following the installation of ExtraFax, when you start ExtraFax it will automatically upgrade the design of extrafax.nsf (Highly Recommended) if you have chosen to do so as prompted in the setup program.

7. Following the completion of the automatic design upgrade, manually apply any previous database customizations (if any) to the post office database if necessary.

8. You can manually update the database title from the Basics tab of the Database Properties box to reflect the updated version of ExtraFax.

9. Restart the ExtraFax server and test to confirm that it is running normally.

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